Learn Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is an essential room in your home, but sometimes it can be hard to make it feel special. Whether it is an older bathroom or a small bathroom, an expensive remodel is not always completely necessary.

Learn Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

There are a few ways that you can help your bathroom never go out of style. Whether this is using classic colors and clean lines, or timeless fixtures, here are a few tips from our Interior Designers on how to spruce up your bathroom.

Update the Fixtures

Your sink might still be in working order after a few decades, but you can transform your bathroom simply by changing out fixtures. Replacing fixtures allows you to avoid ripping out tile, and instead make small, inexpensive changes first. 


Alternatively, if you have an all-white bathroom, then you might consider adding something that brings life to your bathroom. Paint vanity doors or maybe add some fun window treatments. If you don’t love it, it will be less of a commitment than if you were to place it in your living room.

Use Neutral Colors

If you have an older tile, you can create balance with neutral color on the walls. Gray works well when it comes to bright blues or greens, while white can work wonders for pink. You might even want to bring in some motifs to keep your eye away from the tiles.

Consider Wallpaper

Although wallpaper is known to be something from the past, wallpaper can add a nice look to your bathroom. You do not necessarily need to use neutral colors, but if you do use a brightly colored wallpaper then try to look for more neutral colors throughout the rest of the room.

If you are looking for more tips, or require help with your bathroom design, contact us at Truss Interiors. We are happy to help.