How We Became the Luxe Interiors Design Winner Two Years in a Row

Our driven team is passionate about designing your new projects, from traditional yet functional spaces to designs that pop. We can help you realize your design dream, even if you’re unsure of what that entails just yet. 

How We Became the Luxe Interiors Design Winner Two Years in a Row

One of the most notable Denver Interior Design Firms, Truss Interiors has been continually recognized for our talent and skills. Not only are we dedicated to our clients and work, but our designs are created to make your home stand out. Learn more about the tools we used to become design winners two years running and how our eye for color and interior design can help spruce up your space.

Use of Color

In 2020, our Denver Interior Design Firm was the Colorado regional winner in the Best Use of Color category for the 2020 Luxe RED award competition. Our impactful design utilized a bold blue color along the walls, ceiling, and trim in a dining room that we developed for a Centennial, Colorado client. We impressed the panel of judges with this vivid effect, which also complemented the other design elements including matching wool rugs, gleaming hickory flooring, and sleek furniture. 

Our team takes color to the next level with stunning design elements that subtly match. We believe that color theory is an important element of all interior design spaces. We are knowledgeable about how to utilize different hues to create true harmony within your home. As we create your dream space together, we’ll dive into the wonderful world of color and which palette works best for you. 

A Quick History of Color Theory

Did you know that color can influence your mood? From affecting your sleep to impacting your productivity levels, color is a lot more important than most realize. Using the right colors is therefore extremely important when it comes to interior design.

The color wheel has been around for a long time and we use it often when working with and matching colors. A color wheel displays three types of colors including primary, secondary, and tertiary hues. Knowing the difference between these color types helps us to design a space that flows with your mind and your eyes. 

Classic Interior Design

Our first win for the Luxe RED award competition happened in 2019 when we were the Colorado regional winner of the Classic Interior Design category. For this category, we focused on transforming a dining nook into a bright, elegant space. Our classic design impressed the panel as we breathed life into this space. Our team loves putting thought into timeless designs that combine neutral color palettes with bright aesthetics. 

The Secret to a Timeless Design

Our Interior Design Firm focuses on blending trends with timeless classics. If you’re set on a particular trend, our team can seamlessly integrate it into other design elements that will last. The trick is to be subtle about what is “in style,” since these items will most likely date themselves later on. Easy-to-change items are a great starting place when it comes to trendy aesthetics so that your space always looks fresh and visually appealing.