Choosing interior designers for your home or corporate space can be difficult since every interior designer has a different approach or method. Our interior designers are dedicated to finding every option for you, meeting every expectation along the way. Since we know how to advocate our client’s vision during every step of the process, you can be confident in the end result.

From product management to budget, and ending with the perfect finishing touches, choose professional interior designers that work with you to achieve your vision. Learn more about our specific processes and approach to interior design so you can achieve your dream space with little hassle and no stress.

The Truss Interiors Process

Your dream space is just around the corner with our simple process. To begin, you’ll meet for an initial consultation with our skilled interior designers. During this consultation, you’ll get to voice all your initial ideas for design elements and review your personal style. Once we get a general idea of your likes and dislikes, we’ll solidify your goals for the project and lock in your vision.

After the initial consultation, project technicalities will be reviewed. This may include any paperwork required to confirm the pricing and design proposal. We’ll then create a design presentation outlining a brand new floor plan with your design vision. After the design space is measured and the floor plan rendered, you’ll be able to review your 3D design presentation and make changes if needed.

Now it’s time to finesse the design choices and make necessary selections for furnishings and finishes. During this step of the process, we’ll guide you through all selection choices that align with the design, creating the perfect space that suits your tastes. After this step, it’s time for you to watch the magic happen. The last step in the process entails delivery, assembly, or construction of all design elements. After our interior designers place their finishing touches, your space will be ready for you to live and work in.

The Truss Interiors Approach

Overall, our approach is a simple one. Our interior designers’ goal is to foster trust with our clients while meeting their every need. Working with an interior designer can be a very intimate experience, one that requires you to express your tastes and needs while letting someone into your personal space. With combined years of experience in the interior design and construction management industries, our team is dedicated to respecting your space and completing your design vision at the same time. No matter the project, we’ll provide exceptional service while working with you to complete your dream space. From the initial consultation to the finishing touches of your project, your vision will be fully realized through communication, trust, and professionalism. We can work with you on everything from full-service interior design, furniture selection and planning, remodeling and new construction, and project management.

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